Dear Customer


Abbotts have closed for business as of 31st October 2013. With a managed closure.

We are pleased to announce that with effect from 1st November 2013, Thornham Supplies Limited will be able to offer our customers a similar high level of customer service and technical expertise and a stock line that closely matches our own. We hope that this will ensure that your future needs can be met as seamlessly as possible.

Thornham Supplies Limited offers the market an almost exact product portfolio to Abbott’s. As an established UK company of nearly 50 years experience, they are very much a leading specialist woodcare company.

If you had an account with Abbotts we are now working closely with Thornhams to ensure a smooth transfer of your account and pricing structure.

To order online 24/7 visit this link (delivery is normally 1-2 working

Or to order via telephone or if you had a credit Account with Abbotts

Thornham Supplies Limited Telephone 0116 240 3235 ( the Old Abbotts Number) or

Telephone: 0161 626 4278 (6 lines)

Fax: 0161 627 4459 Email

Here are some of the products Thornhams supply